Deep Dive Nutrigenomics

I’m very excited to guide you through a deep dive into your blueprint of life! The goals of our work together are as follows:

  • Clarity regarding a diet pattern that suits your nutrigenomics- there won’t be a need to follow a particular “commercialised” diet like vegan, keto, Mediterranean, pescetarian, raw food
  • You will follow an approach that is tailored to YOU and you’ll rediscover how to go about this with confidence and creativity! You will be able to optimise your health based on nutrigenomics, food preferences, lifestyle (what is realistic) and possibly some targeted blood glucose testing at home if
  • Lots of “a-ha” moments– understanding yourself, your past health and family history and, maybe, even some of your behavioural patterns a lot better 🙂
  • Having confidence in your supplement regime- if you need one. Getting clear action steps on how you can regain and/or maintain optimal health.
  • Knowing where your potential weaknesses and strengths are from a genomic point of
  • Having answers to questions like how much saturated fat you should eat, how much coffee you can drink on a daily basis, what you can do to best support yourself in pressurised times, what blood biochemistry markers you should include when visiting your GP- and hopefully many more!

A Deep Dive includes:

  • Initial consultation of 75 minutes
  • One follow-up consultation of 45 minutes to discuss progress, do troubleshooting and generally keep you on track with your programme In-depth analysis of your genomic report (saliva home test testing for 100 clinically relevant genes)
  • Review of your health and family history as well as current symptoms and health goals before our consultation
  • A few short, insightful videos to watch before we meet
  • Analysis of and provision of a tracking sheet for your blood work
  • Clear action plan for nutrition, lifestyle and supplement interventions

Testing Information

Please note that by booking an Appointment with Patricia Daly, you are opting in to allow us to use your information to contact you and to store and handle your information as per our Privacy Policy.

Patricia Daly respects your privacy. We promise not to share, rent or sell the information we collect from you. Your data is stored securely.

About Patricia Daly

I’m a nutritional therapist (MSc Advanced Nutrition) specializing in metabolic therapies for recovery from chronic health challenges. I work privately with clients and medical professionals locally and internationally, meeting virtually and using online programmes.

I am also an author, speaker, metabolic lifestyle educator, and cancer survivor. My goal is to make a significant difference in my clients’ lives by bridging the gap between science and practical application to support their vitality and quality of life.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need some support along the way at You can also book a discovery session to ask any questions you may have about the programme with this link

I’m excited for you to take steps to take command of your health- both physical and mental!

About Patricia Daly

Patricia Daly is an experienced and internationally recognized nutritional therapist (MSc (Advanced Nutrition), dipNT, mBANT, rCNHC), author and educator in the area of integrative cancer support. Following her cancer diagnosis in 2008, she started studying nutrition science and left her corporate career. She is completing her MSc degree in “Advanced Nutrition in Research and Practice” at Middlesex University in London in 2021. As a Swiss native, she regularly attends training courses in Switzerland/Germany, including at the renowned Tumor Biology Center in Freiburg, Germany. Patricia is also one of the founding and advisory board members of the Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies based in Germany.

Over the past 10 years, Patricia has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide that are affected by cancer and that are looking to improve their quality of life with nutrition and lifestyle changes. In 2016, she co-wrote the book “The Ketogenic Kitchen” with Domini Kemp. It quickly became a bestseller in Ireland and subsequently also on Amazon US. Patricia is a guest lecturer and regularly receives invitations to speak at international medical conferences.

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