I’ve had a few enquiries from friends and colleagues lately around bulletproof coffee! It’s a one of my favourite ways to start a day and always keeps me full for at least 5 hours along with a light breakfast. This is mainly thanks to the medium chain triglycerides in the coconut oil.

However, I never have a bulletproof coffee on its own for breakfast, and yes, I know, there are some articles talking about the benefits of “just” having fat for breakfast. Especially on a ketogenic diet. But because my protein intake on a ketogenic diet is restricted as it is, I try to evenly spread my protein intake over the day.

If I start without any protein, I find it hard catching up without affecting my ketone levels.

The reason why this might be a problem (i.e. eating a bit more protein at the other two meals) is gluconeogenesis and I talk a bit more about it here.

The other reason why I like to have for instance an egg or some low carb bread with it is that I like to increase nutrient density. This is also why I’m not using MCT oil- in my opinion, it can be very useful for somebody who is just starting out on a ketogenic diet. If it’s tolerated, that is! But it’s a very refined oil and there aren’t any essential nutrients. I prefer coconut oil for that reason, especially if somebody is well fat-adapted.

I don’t make it with coffee but choose Chaga tea (a mushroom extract) and/or raw cacao powder instead. It’s absolutely delicious and so creamy. Here’s the recipe for 2- it’s my own modified version and you see that the fat sources are reduced compared to the original recipe by Dave Asprey:[/vc_column_text]

– 1 cup hot Chaga tea or organic (decaff) coffee
– 1/3 cup (80g) Coconut milk (e.g. can of Biona)
– 1 tbsp (15g) goat butter or organic butter
– 2 tbsp (45g) solid coconut oil (e.g. Cocowel from Supervalu) or Cacao butter
– 1 tbsp raw Cacao powder (e.g. Equal Exchange)
– optional 1 tsp vanilla extract

Put all the ingredients into a blender and whizz!

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Patricia Daly is an experienced and internationally recognized nutritional therapist (MSc, dipNT, mBANT, rCNHC) specialising in the personalised application of ketogenic metabolic therapies for recovery from chronic health challenges. She credits the ketogenic lifestyle for successfully quieting an aggressive eye tumour she was diagnosed with fifteen years ago. In 2021, she completed her MSc degree in “Advanced Nutrition in Research and Practice” at Middlesex University in London.

Patricia is co-author of The Ketogenic Kitchen, a best-selling cookbook that includes meal plans for therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. Born in Switzerland and living in Ireland, Patricia is a proud founding and advisory member of the European Keto Live Center based in Switzerland. Nothing makes her prouder than witnessing her clients transform from by-standers to active and empowered participants on their health journey.

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