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And so should your path to renewed wellness be: Personalised and tailored to YOUR unique (metabolic and genetic) needs.


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Are you struggling to find a way of eating, and more generally living, that is sustainable, personalised and science-based? Are you fully committed to turning your health story around- once and for all? I help you truly understand what changes you need to make and why. Appreciating how your body works will keep you motivated on your path to renewed well-being.  My mission is not only to provide you with knowledge, structure and invaluable resources but, most importantly, also with inspiration, hope and a clear focus. I look forward to connecting with you!

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The Ketogenic

Domini Kemp & Patricia Daly

Battling with chronic illness? Going through cancer treatment? Seeking to enhance physical and mental wellbeing? Interested in cutting out refined carbohydrates? Eating a diet rich in whole foods? Keep reading!

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Recovery Fundamentals

For individuals seeling to recover from chronic conditions with integrative metabolic theraphy.

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  • Aoife, Ireland

    Aoife, Ireland

    Working with Patricia on a one to one basis has been a tremendous support to me in adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle.  With a diagnosis of cancer, I had been interested in doing the Ketogenic diet for some time but felt too overwhelmed by aIl that was involved in terms of measuring macros and blood glucose etc. to take it on successfully and safely by myself.  I was also hesitant initially as I dreaded missing out on certain favourite foods like breads, pastries etc. and the social aspect of not being able to share the same meals with friends or family.  However, two months into the programme, I am pleased to say that I haven’t looked back and I am enjoying the most delicious meals with no cravings for the carb-heavy foods I previously lived off.  I never feel like I am having to make sacrifices in terms of my food choices and am building up a bank of ketogenic meals that both my husband and I enjoy together.  Since working with Patricia, I have re-gained healthy weight following chemotherapy treatment and feel stronger and more energetic in general.  I have learned a lot about ketosis, it’s benefits and how to manage the technicalities of it which I was previously so daunted by.  This is all down to Patricia’s supportive guidance and reassurance along the way.  I don’t believe I would have been able to make the required changes without her step-by-step professional support and so would therefore highly recommend working with her to anyone wishing to embark on a ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Michelle, Australia

    Michelle, Australia

    I would like to say thank you for publishing your book. I tried very hard to convince my step father to follow your plan after already losing my natural father to Cancer. After much research I was convinced you are right. I passed on your book to another dear friend that was diagnosed with secondary cancer and was pretty much left for dead here within our medical system. You saved his life and I can’t thank you enough. He is alive well and happy and his tumors are gone. he has also received treatment in Germany but you are the launching pad to many lives changing and being lived.
  • Sue, UK

    Sue, UK

    Just Managed to have a whizz through your fabulous new book – what another incredible resource for the keto world. This will be so helpful, both as a straight recipe book for those wanting to enhance what they are already doing AND as menu guide for the new starters. This takes an incredible amount of work – both practical food end and publishing end. Thank you so much and do let me know when it is out there.
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